Day Twenty & Twenty One: Moments Of Happiness

Day Twenty, 24/07/2017

I finished work a little bit early so that I could get home & see Si. It was unplanned he just text me in the day saying “I’m staying at yours later ok?” at it was such a welcome statement. We’d had a couple of disagreements over the weekend so it was just perfect. We spent time together in the evening had fajitas and talked it out and can honestly say it was the perfect evening and just completely confirmed my belief that we are such a strong and stable couple and I’m so happy with him.

Day Twenty One, 25/07/2017

Has to be doing a half day at work, oops, had to didn’t I. I was just feeling so drained and tired. I figured I’ve been working my 40 contracted hours a week, but when you add on my commute it’s actually around 50 hours a week. I was tired, I’d finished what I was there to do, there were two other managers on and honestly I have no regrets about leaving early!



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