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SW Journey, week 2 & 3 summary

Okay so last week I totally forgot to post as I was on a work conference and was just way too busy. Today’s my birthday so I’m just gonna fling out a quick post whilst I’m on the train to meet up with my besties to indulge in afternoon tea which I love as much as a granny would but I’m not ashamed aha! 💕

I’ve got the greatest showman playing in my headphones, I feel totally chill, my outfit is cute and I’m wearing a brand new pair of size 14 jeans which feels like a massive win!

In the last two weeks I’ve probably fallen off the wagon a couple of times.. HOWEVER, I’ve still lost 1 and a half pounds each week which feels amazing. Personally both weeks I’ve thought to myself that I’d be happy if I’d just maintained my weight so to have actually had two small loses feels so so so good!

As I said earlier this is a quick post but I just want to say how like happy I feel with my eating. At no point have I felt like I can’t eat something and if I do indulge over my syns I’ve just been realigning by eating well the next few days. This week I’m off from work and I know I’ll probably have a naughty few days just because of what I have planned to celebrate my birthday but I trust that as long as I stick to free foods the other days and for the meals I’m not celebrating I can maintain my weight and honestly even if I put on a tiny amount I’d still be ecstatic with my progress.In three weeks I have come down to feeling comfortable in size 14 clothes and lost nearly 1 stone. I feel a lot more confident – I do still have my down days/moments but what human doesn’t?!

Next week I might throw up a cheeky post about what I’ve done to celebrate my birthday so it won’t have as strong of a focus on my slimming world journey but you can be reassured that I’ll be showing you all my celebratory foods & drinks!



SW Journey, Week 1 Summary

Amazing week! I’ve properly stuck to the plan and my my has it paid off.. I’ve lost 9 and a half pounds! I really can’t even explain the way I’m feeling, it hasn’t quite sunk in and in my shock it feels too good to be true. Wow just wow.

I’ve always seen people say that you eat way more and still loose weight but oh my goodness this is genuinely true! I have eaten some fantastic meals and have loved it. There’s not been one day that I’ve used all 15 syns and I’ve enjoyed being able to pick my indulgences and finding low syn treats that. I look forward to every meal and even look forward to preparing them. Here are some of the meals I ate (when I remembered to take a photo as I was too busy eating or I ate at work)

I feel super fantastic & today I had treats with the girls because I’m beginning to trust that I’ll get back on plan… it was a naughty treat but I couldn’t even finish it all yet still felt happy and satisfied with the amount I ate.

Now to just keep it up and see more pounds fall away 🙊


Slimming World Journey, Day 1

Hey 👋

I have probably said a million times before that I want to loose some weight.. I do small stints of things but they never last. Recently I’ve been cheating at Slimming World by winging it & tracking main meals only. My weight has fluxed up & down weekly and recently I just fell off the wagon completely.

Yesterday I signed up properly for the next 3 months! Today was my first day tracking everything I ate & drank – Every sugar in every tea, every syn, everything in every meal. I have even used a (slightly altered) SW recipe – see a snap of it below 😍

I think tracking my progress, thoughts & feelings on here is going to help massively so let’s do this!

Day 1:

I’ve used 9 of my 15syns, mostly on sugar in teas & 6 on 30g of grated cheese because who wants a jacket potato with no cheese!

Starting weight: 14st

Dress size: 14-16

How do I feel: Unhappy with my body!

How do I look:


15 hopes for the year I turn 25

This year in June I turn 25, and its got me thinking I mean most people see turning 25 as a big birthday, I mean it is a quarter century.. So here is 25 hopes I have for the year I turn 25:

  1. Loose a stone or more in weight
  2. Feel comfortable and confident in myself
  3. Have an amazing wedding day where everything goes smoothly
  4. Find a new job!
  5. Go somewhere I’ve never been before
  6. Listen to more podcasts – I recently discovered podcasts & have started listening to Fearne Cottons the Happy Place, it’s so nice to just sit quietly & listen to people sharing hopefully I’ll find more to enjoy!
  7. Make memories with friends, family, fiance/future husband
  8. Strategically pay for my wedding whilst also saving money to buy a house
  9. Have my eyebrows shaped by a professional – sounds like a silly one, but I’ve actually never ever had them done before
  10. Get my eyelashes tinted & lifted – already done! They look beautiful, here’s a cheeky before & after:
  11. Get a new tattoo – already done, wahoo, not long along myself and my friends got a matching one a couple of months ago and its beaut ❤sam.png
  12. This ones a bit materialistic but oh well, I hope to own these beauties! To wear on my wedding day as I love bee’s 🐝

13. To be able to run outside comfortably & confidently

14. Drink more water! I always find I have a headache & usually I think it’s down to me not consuming enough fluids so I’ve bought myself a litre water bottle & downloaded an app to input how much water I’ve drank

15. To finally fill in & finish reading my Fearne Cotton, Happy! I was bought this book such a long time ago but I never finished it as over Christmas when I was seriously struggling emotionally & mentally every time I opened it I just felt worse. Now I feel a lot better in myself so I’m going to start it again!

I’ll review my achievements at the end of the year so wish me luck as I have an awful tendency to not follow things through when I’m the one who benefits most from them


Update: I don’t even know..


I’m feeling a bit of meh today, to be honest, ever since I got signed off I’ve been feeling a bit down, mostly feeling drained. Extremely drained.

Its just like I’m so tired, I can’t completely focus. Maybe I just need a day to relax, maybe its just that I’ve had a lot of social plans everyday which is preventing me from being able to chill completely out and almost reset my stress gage.

Either way, I really hope I start to feel better, and I also really hope anyone celebrating New Years tonight has a fantastic evening & gets home safely ❤

I’ll probably be in bed, but if I can muster up some energy I hope I’ll be drinking prosecco with my family and watching the fireworks as that is my most favourite part of New Years Eve.