Memory Walk

Ok, this Saturday I’m doing something that’s close to my heart..

Last year my Nan was diagnosed with Dementia, since then I’ve watched her change from small memory losses such as what day it is to bigger losses where at times she has lost 4+ years of her memory. It’s one of those horrible situations where at first you have no idea what to do, but mostly when she’s asking me a question for the 4th time I just answer it as if she’s never asked before.

Alzheimers and dementia will affect 1 in 6 people and if I’m brutally honest it’s one of the things I dread growing older because of. I dread the day my Nan looks at me and doesn’t remember who I am and I hope that day never comes but I also dread the possibility that one day I might be diagnosed with this disease and forget not only myself but everyone I love.

I will never truly understand what my Nan is going through and I selfishly hope I never will understand it.

This weekend, on Saturday, myself and other members of my family are taking part in a fundraiser called the Memory Walk, it takes place in a park that is local to us and we’re walking as a team called the Jammy Beggars (I didn’t pick the name haha!).

Mostly we’re viewing it as an opportunity to show support for an amazing woman who has impacted our lives in ways we can’t ever fully repay her for. She has improved my life and the person I’ve grown into everyday for the 24years I’ve been alive and I hope that by taking part in this and hopefully raising a bit of money I can improve her future and other people in the world who like her are suffering from this disease.

I’m going to put up the link here in case any of you feel that you’d like to sponsor and support me on this walk. All of the money raised goes to the Alzheimer’s Society to help them support people suffering with this disease and to assist in the research they are doing in hopes of finding a cure.

On another note, I know I haven’t really posted about Si’s birthday as promised! I fell ill last Friday and am still suffering slightly so will get it up as soon as I have more energy and time.




Getting Me Through

I know I haven’t posted in a while and I’m sorry, I’ve just been having a bit of a hectic month. At work my General Manager resigned, as well as another manager taking us from a team of 7 down to a team of 5. As a Deputy Manager I’m being hugely looked at to keep everything going and achieving as a cinema and a business. I’m actually currently working day 6/9 tonight and I already know I’m exhausted, my feet hurt, my head hurts, I’m tired, I’m drained and I just want to lounge about doing nothing. I don’t want to work 4-close everyday of Eid and then work a 12-8 on Monday… but instead of thinking about all of the things I don’t want to do I’m going to write down the things that are getting me through and that are going to get me through the next few shifts.

  1. After Mondays shift I have 6 days off
  2. It’s Simons birthday on Wednesday; I’m so excited to give him his presents & take him on the surprise 3 day get away I’ve planned (I’ll tell you about it after in case Si is reading)
  3. However boring it sounds I absolutely cannot wait to do nothing with Si watching Netflix, having 3 proper meals a day and cuddling lots
  4. To not have to set an alarm for 6 days
  5. To actually get home and feel alive enough to want to speak to and hang out with my family, and text back my friends; hopefully even see a few of them

I know its not much,  but it really is the little things in life that get us through.


Travel & Holidays


Now I don’t have anywhere near as many adventures as I wish I did, but in the last two years I’ve definitely broadened my horizons. From the age of around 3 up until I turned 18 I’d never really been abroad and then when I did it was just Ireland. When I turned 21 I started to go a few other places, I had a long distance relationship between Birmingham & London so suddenly I was going to London at least once a month, seeing different places, museums, restaurants, land marks, tourist spots, bars etc. With this partner we’d go for weekends in other cities like Bristol with day trips to places like Weston Super-Mare or Brighton, but we never really went on holiday together.

After I graduated and started working full time & thats really when I started to push myself a little more. I have been on lots of cottage holidays with my current partner of 2 and a half years including places like the Forest Of Dean and Wales. At some point after graduation I travelled to Italy with my family & stayed in a villa for a week which was amazing. I’ve travelled to Barcelona with my best friend & old housemate. It seems me and Si travel to places abroad beginning with M’s only including Malta and Malaga, Spain. This year we’ve also got a cottage booked in Yorkshire in November together. Every year I also go to Cornwall for at least one week with my family.

I love all of my holidays and I love every type of them. I love the short breaks I get excited to go on and to book more with my best friends. I love the cottages with Si that include lots of tea drinking, cake, wellie wearing and cottage cooking. I love going abroad with Si and lounging about, returning with beautiful tans. I love the one week a year where all 5 members of my family spend an entire week camping together.

So lets begin the summary of my last week in Cornwall, you know those holidays where you spent a whole week somewhere and yet somehow you feel like you didn’t really do a lot? Yep, thats how I feel now I’m back. I’m finding it hard to pin down what I did each day and I don’t really know why, so hopefully this post will make me realise I actually did more than I think..

Before I start though you need to know that mostly I had a really chilled week surrounded by five of the people who are closest to my heart, and ultimately even if at the end of this post I realise I didn’t do much I know I spent the week with people who matter the most to me and that in itself is a pretty awesome week away!

So it took us 6 and a half hour to get down on Saturday, traffic on the M5 was just a bit grim, but when we arrived we were gifted with burgers from a family we meet up with every year which was yummmm!

Day One, Sunday. We had a pretty chilled day and visited our usual beach Watergate Bay, my Dad & sister surfed whilst the rest of us chilled on the beach reading books and chatting. Then in the evening we chilled out in the trailer tent playing games and taking ridiculous pictures in snapchat filters giggling. All in all pretty ace first day!

Day Two, Monday. Super lazy morning, we went swimming in the campsite pool and somehow I managed to persuade Si to come with. We just had a laugh and played a few games as a family, sleepy Dad stayed at the tent.We then had scones at the trailer tent before heading out to Newquay where we secretly ordered a Birthday Cake for my Mom. We went down to Newquay Harbour to see the seals that reside there and then had to test out some cocktails at a restaurant we were considering for Moms birthday meal (btw, the cocktails were not up to scratch, watery and a bit ming so we definitely didn’t go back there the next day)

Day Three, Tuesday. This was the day of my beautiful Momma’s birthday! Aaaaaand it rained, boo! We travelled to St. Austell we just went into little shops and looked around before heading off to a near by beach, Portpean. Both St Austell & Portpean are on the opposite side of the Cornish coast to where we stay so it was nice to get across and see different things. We then went back to the campsite, got changed and headed out for dinner in Newquay, the wait at for a table was long and the wait for the food was long, but overall we had a nice time.

Day Four, Wednesday. On Wednesday me & Si took a day to ourselves and went and did our own thing. We always visit castles, its kind of our thing.. So we travelled down to Falmouth to see Pendennis Castle it took us an hour and a bit to get there and back as the traffic was awful again (we had seriously bad luck with traffic this week). It was pretty cool and then in the evening we met back up with my family and had dinner together.

Day Five, Thursday. On this day it was gloriously sunny! Like absolutely lovely. Me and Si went swimming in the morning and then met up with my family on the beach so my Dad and sister could do a bit of surfing. The weather was nice and it was a chilled out day. Also I wore bright yellow and that cheers me up all the time!

Day Six, Friday. Another miserable day, it was quite grey so we decided to go to a new beach Polzeath, it was a bit cold and rained a little bit. Dad & Alex hit the surf whilst Mom and Joe went for a coastal path walk. Me & Si sat in the little beach tent and I think I had a nap aha! Then we went to Padstow to have fish and chips in the harbour on mine & Si’s last night before coming home.

On Saturday it took us another 6 and a half hours to get home and we were in a lot of traffic. When we got back to Birmingham we went round to Si’s moms and had spag bol for dinner which was honestly exactly what we needed. Bring on lots of washing and that summarises what me & Si did on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. We then had Sunday lunch at Si’s moms which was lush before I had a lovely catch up with my bestie Lyns in the evening.

All in all, amazing week and I am totally dreading going back to work!


Today’s the day

Perfect set up for writing my holiday summary post! Excited to look back at the photos and talk through my lovely week away whilst catching up on tv I've missed and working through the cutest colouring book I own

Day Twenty & Twenty One: Moments Of Happiness

Day Twenty, 24/07/2017

I finished work a little bit early so that I could get home & see Si. It was unplanned he just text me in the day saying “I’m staying at yours later ok?” at it was such a welcome statement. We’d had a couple of disagreements over the weekend so it was just perfect. We spent time together in the evening had fajitas and talked it out and can honestly say it was the perfect evening and just completely confirmed my belief that we are such a strong and stable couple and I’m so happy with him.

Day Twenty One, 25/07/2017

Has to be doing a half day at work, oops, had to didn’t I. I was just feeling so drained and tired. I figured I’ve been working my 40 contracted hours a week, but when you add on my commute it’s actually around 50 hours a week. I was tired, I’d finished what I was there to do, there were two other managers on and honestly I have no regrets about leaving early!


Day Sixteen through to Day Nineteen: Moments Of Happiness

Firstly, I am so so sorry! I’ve just been busy and doing things but no worries, I still have Moments Of Happiness from all of the days I’ve missed!

Secondly, I think its time for a montage post how exciting! I love montages in general so lets go!

Day Sixteen, 20/07/2017

I had a cheeky shop and bought the cutest ‘S’ mug in addition to this top which is definitely out of my comfort zone but is just super cute!

Day Seventeen, 21/07/2017

Signing up to do the Memory Walk to show support for my Nan.mem walk.jpg

Day Eighteen, 22/07/2017

Getting to spend time with my gaaaaaals which made me super happy!


Day Nineteen, 23/07/2017

GETTING THIS ENTIRE BOX SET ON iTunes FOR £19.99 AS A PAY DAY TREAT!!!!!! I can’t even explain how excited this has me! I loved it and spent so many teen years watching it & rewatching it! Brooke Davis is my hero!

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 23.26.13.png

So there are my few days and all of my Moments Of Happiness along the way!


Day Fifteen: Moments Of Happiness

Day Fifteen: 19/07/2017

Moment Of Happiness absolutely has to be having my hair cut and then doing face masks and a bit of pampering with my sister whilst watching Jane The Virgin season 2 on Netflix! I mean, what else do you need!?

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