Day Ten & Eleven: Moments Of Happiness

Day Ten, 14/07/2017

My Moment Of Happiness for this day would have to be seeing my bestest gal and just hanging out in the evening. However an up there moment would of been joking about with one of my co-workers with a muscly fake action man doll we found in lost property – Yes I may of taken him out of the bin and put it into her handbag when I left and received the following text:

Wich one of you fuckers put muscle man in my bag???😂😂

I genuinely don’t even care if it’s childish, I love the child in me & it was definitely a good giggle for two moody girls who were starting their periods!

Day Eleven, 15/07/2017

So today has been a harder day again.. I have started my period so feel up & down, nauseas, I have cramps, I’m uncomfortable I mean any girl reading knows what I mean! I worked this evening and we usually work in pairs as managers but my coworker called in sick so it was just me which made me feel even more nervous and uncomfortable as to me it’s still a relatively new place and I’ve never worked an evening alone, let alone a Saturday busyish evening! It’s now 3.30am and I’ve only recently gotten home and I’m so so tired, my back aches, my feet ache, my legs ache, my period still hates me.. HOWEVER, I’ve got to say that today’s Moment Of Happiness has to be the realisation that actually I was fine tonight and the shift ran as smoothly as it could. I sorted everyone on the team a break and we had no major issues. So yeah definitely the realisation that I can do it and actually I don’t suck!

Oh! I also had a happy hair day where I loved my hair! 

Day Nine: Moments Of Happiness

Day Nine, 13/07/2017

Getting back into my Project Life scrapbook! I got it about a year and a bit ago now and I’d started to fill it but then stopped. I’ve done up to June 2016 and either tomorrow or Saturday I intend on printing some more pictures so I can carry on. It’s just so lovely to let out my creativity now & again!

If I’m honest I have to be in the right mood to sit and scrapbook but this morning I woke up earlier than planned (and I had to be off from work again as my curtesy car wasn’t coming until today) so I made myself a cuppa and worked on my scrapbook album & it was definitely my Moment Of Happiness – just a reminder I have so many amazing people in my life & so many amazing memories! 

Day Eight: Moments Of Happiness

Day Eight, 12/07/2017

Today’s Moment Of Happiness has to be Si coming round late last night / early this morning because he knew I was feeling a bit emotional after the accident. So good to be surrounded by people you love. I also told my friends today what had happened and they were super supportive.

Day Seven: Moments Of Happiness 

Day Seven, 11/07/2017

Ok so today has been awful and the Moments Of Happiness have been so difficult to spot. It started fine, I woke up next to my favourite person & headed out to work. However then I got onto the M6 in the rain, didn’t stop fast enough & had my first ever accident in a car. Since that happening I’ve been pretty up & down. No I’m  not hurt, I think I’m processing and seriously struggling. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a curtosy car as I’m already missing work today and tomorrow as I can’t get there so I really don’t want to miss another day. I feel like I’m letting everyone down and I’m so emotionally unstable that to be honest you could look at me the wrong way and I’d probably burst into tears. 

I guess my Moment Of Happiness could be the support I’ve received from my parents but all in all it’s been a pretty shitty, horrible, bad, nasty, emotional day. 

Day Six: Moments Of Happiness

Day Six, 10/07/2017

I’ve got to say that the Moment Of Happiness today had to be wearing my new yellow playsuit!

Not only that but I spent a film day with my favourite human. We tried out Gold Class at Vue and watched Spider-Man Homecoming, the cost will be reimbursed as we work for another cinema brand and they saw it as us experiencing it so we could provide feedback aha! Then we went to one of our own cinemas to FINALLY watch Wonder Woman which I really loved! Trust me working in a cinema definitely doesn’t mean you see all the films. As a manager on a 39hour contract I barely have time after fulfilling my contract and commuting 45 minutes each way and let’s be honest sometimes when you finish work you just want to of finished work and not have to return!

All in all favourite human, day off, pizza, beautiful playsuit, good films … great day!